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You Are The Blessing These Children Are Praying For


2_kids_smallThe heart of our mission: Rescuing and caring for orphaned, abandoned, abused and trafficked children. Our Bless An Orphan children’s homes provide a safe, loving, family atmosphere where children are able to heal, grow, and be equipped with all the resources they need to change the course of their future.

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MATTHEW 25 Feeding Program


Meeting Basic Needs

It’s estimated that one person dies of starvation every four seconds.  You can make a difference and help save lives by sponsoring a child in our Matthew 25 Feeding Program.Learn More



Your Life Impacting Another

Your life, talents, time, energy and compassion put in to action helps change lives. Learn more about our Volunteer Opportunities for singles, families and groups.

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“I’ve been supporting Bless An Orphan for years. I know my giving is being used to rescue and care for children who have been orphaned or abandoned, even abused by their parents. I love what Bless An Orphan is all about. I love knowing that Marshall and Karissa and their team are just simple, hard-working people like me and my family and their passionate about making a difference in the world for these kids.” ~ Geoffrey (Salisbury, UK)



Self-sustainability is a critical measure to ensure this mission continues. The Refuge is a farm that not only provides nutritional food to feed children in our children’s homes and our Matthew 25 feeding program, but also serves as an educational opportunity for the children to learn important agricultural skills for their future and missionaries to be trained to be sent out on to foreign soil to help rescue and care for more children. We need your help – get involved in this life saving mission!

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