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A Heavy Burden

Yesterday morning I was at the market with Juan Jose, one of our team members, purchasing fresh vegetables and meat for our Matthew 25 feeding program. There was an elderly indigenous lady standing next to me waiting for me to finish the purchase. She wanted me to hire her to carry my sacks of food to the truck. This is normal. People often wait around looking for this kind of honest work and I am happy to pay a few bucks and help them out. However, this particular time I struggled.

This woman loaded, and I’m not even kidding, at least 200lbs of potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables on to her back and tied them well around her shoulders. We tried to offer to take them from her but she refused. I couldn’t believe her strength! She carried those bags with ease ALL THE WAY (and it wasn’t close) to our truck and never missed a step.

Here is this little elderly woman, easily in her 70s, relying on HARD LABOR to support herself. I walked behind her and had a hard time not letting out tears thinking about how she should be enjoying the final years of her life in peace and comfort, but she’s having to work like a mule to survive. When we got to the truck she was incredibly grateful that I gave her that work. She kept hugging me and saying, “God reward you.” She asked if I would always look for her in the market to help carry my things. My heart sincerely breaks for these elderly women – their life is nothing but difficult and hard labor.

Then, last night, with our Matthew 25 feeding program, we just simply ran out of food and didn’t have enough to feed everyone. As we were pulling out a little old lady ran up to my window of the car and said in desperation, “Soup, soup, I came for soup.” She reminded me of the little old woman that morning that carried that weight on her back. This little old woman had been running to find us because she heard that we were giving out free hot meals to those in need. But, she was too late and didn’t make it in time – it was all gone.

Life for these precious elderly women and children is not easy. We will do whatever we can to help ease their suffering. We will do the labor, but we need your hand extended with mercy to help make that financially possible. We just simply cannot do it without you.

Please think about these stories today and ask our gracious Father how you can be an integral part of this team and really make a difference in the lives of hurting children, elderly people, and the multitude of severe poverty-stricken families that we serve. Your life will never be the same and neither will theirs!

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Karissa Washburn
administratorKarissa is co-founder of Bless An Orphan International. She is living our her lifelong passion of rescuing children from neglect and abuse. She and her husband Marshall live with their three children in Cuenca, Ecuador.