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The Refuge are self-sustainable farms we plant in each country that we establish a child rescue program.  The farms are equipped to sustain the various outreaches of the ministry (Matthew 25 Feeding Program, Children’s Homes) by providing nutritious fruits, vegetables, and humanly and organically raised livestock. In addition “The Refuge” is a place where children call home, missionaries are trained, young pregnant girls and battered women and children find safety, and young adults who have graduated from our children’s homes learn important agricultural and farming skills that will benefit their future. “Refuge” farms are an important integral part of this ministry as it provides sustainability during economic hardships and provides a means to meet the needs of those in our care and our volunteers.


The Refuge is peaceful and safe place where the children learn, heal, and grow. The majority of children in our care have been severely traumatized and are coping with survival skills. It is our concern to create an environment where children can begin the healing process so that we can adequately equip them for life. We use the proven techniques of animal assisted therapy to help children progress in their healing journey as well as various other styles of therapy that are tailored to meet each child’s unique needs.



The produce and livestock raised on the Refuge provides our children, volunteers, and our ministry outreaches with healthy, nutritious, organic and humanely raised food. Children are educated on how to farm and raise livestock. It not only teaches responsibility, but also provides invaluable skills for their future. The Refuge also provides a self-sustainable income to meet the needs of the ministry through the exportation of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat, milk and egg production. Self-sustainability carries our mission through economic hardships.


The Missionary Training Facility at The Refuge equips and trains individuals and families who are answering the call to carry out the commission of James 1:27 and work in our outreaches to rescue children throughout the world. People from across the world call “The Refuge” home for 6 months to 1 year while they are being trained to work in one of our outreaches world wide.help_buildnew_propertyWe’ve located a farm in Ecuador that will serve as our first Refuge. The Farm is approximately 175 acres of fertile land! There is fresh running water throughout the property. There are already existing dwellings on the property and it is stocked with cattle, trout, chickens, and other livestock.  We only need to expand to build a missionary training facility and additional housing for the children and volunteers. This property is well equipped to serve as our model Refuge where our missionaries will be trained on how to set up, manage, and maintain a self-sustainable Refuge for all future international locations.  The farm will provide all that we need to sustain the ministry and care for the children and those who benefit from our Matthew 25 Feeding Program.

We need your help to make it happen!  If you would like to become an integral part and founding partner of this vision, please consider getting involved today.

Fundraising Goal:  $1.3 million  (Land acquisition, construction of children’s home, and farm equipment needed)

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