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We are their voice

We are their voice

So what’s for dinner tonight, friends? I just put a chicken in the crockpot to make some soup for my family. We will have a humble meal this evening as I’m sure most of you reading this post will as well. We won’t go to bed hungry, but I know many will. I count my blessings.

We eat behind the walls of our homes and we don’t have to look at the longing desperate eyes of those on the outside that have nothing to eat tonight. I know it’s easy to forget about them. I’m not pointing an accusing finger at you. But Ive made it my mission to remind you that they are still there, regardless if you can see them or not. I’m their voice and you can be too! 

We have teams in the Philippines and Ecuador feeding starving children. Would you help us to sustain lives by helping to provide meals for these children? Please consider how you can really make a difference today!

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