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We do it all for Him!

The reason we do what we do is so that others can see the love of Christ in a very broken world. Listening to the stories of these children will break your heart. Without the love, grace, and salvation of Jesus, the chances of these children growing up to repeat the same cycle of the abuse, neglect, and poverty they live in is highly probable. It’s sharing Jesus, a message of redemption, that brings hope that lights up their world. Knowing that there is a God that doesn’t measure their worth based on their status, color, or what horrible things that have been done to them, changes their outlook on life.

I once had a young teenage girl tell me that Jesus could never love her because she was “dirty.”  She had been passed around from father, to uncle, to every man in her community. Her family needed money to support their bad habits, so they used their own daughter for collateral. In her eyes, she had no value or worth. Why would a Holy God love her, she asked. Understanding that He sent His Son to die for her because He loved her THAT much, regardless of what she had done or what had been done to her, changed her world. This is the message these children need to hear. They are aching for someone to love them. They are desperate to hear that they belong.  They long to know they have value and worth. This mission goes far beyond just taking care of needs, it touches on the most profound need of all, the need to be loved and the need to know there is hope.

As always, Marshall and I are grateful for what you do to help us continue this work. No gift is too small and no prayer is insignificant. You are the fuel behind this mission and we genuinely appreciate ALL that you do! Keep praying for our mission in the Philippines and Ecuador as well. We trust God to meet our needs and we know that He blesses those who are generous and happy givers to this work!

Let’s stay in the fight for as long as we can. Their lives are worth it!

Karissa Washburn
Co-Founder, Bless An Orphan



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Karissa Washburn
administratorKarissa is co-founder of Bless An Orphan International. She is living our her lifelong passion of rescuing children from neglect and abuse. She and her husband Marshall live with their three children in Cuenca, Ecuador.