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Worldwide there are millions of children with no place to call home. They live in fear, hopelessness, and despair. Our Children’s Homes (orphanages) rescue, care for and prepare these children for their future.  The reality is that not every child will find a forever family or be reunited to a healed, safe and loving home. For these children, our mission is to help prepare them for their future by providing them with every resource possible to ensure a bright, healthy, and productive life where they will learn the skills they need to succeed.woundedgroup1Unfortunately, there are millions of children throughout the world living in orphanages that cannot provide anything more than basic care. They are unable to provide resources for their emotional and mental healing. These children never fully heal and are then sent  out from the orphanage when they become of age, and are ill-equipped to face the world around them. Their demise is almost certain.

Trauma, abandonment, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect are reasons that children in orphanages have experienced trauma. The brain has been “re-wired” and the child begins to live in a state of survival mode. That survival mode, if not corrected, will shape their thinking, attitudes, and entire way of life through the entire childhood and in to their adulthood.

Doctors, Psychologists, and Scientists are making incredible discoveries and methods that prove the brain can be re-trained with the right tools and therapy. God’s unique design is able to heal and restore! Our mission is to not just feed hungry bellies, put a roof over a child’s head, and send them to school – it is our absolute desire to make LASTING changes in the child’s life. Our team is dedicated to finding new ways to make life the very best it can be for these children.


prayingchildIt is also our mission to prepare children who become available for adoption for the possibility of having a new family. These children need intense therapy specifically tailored to their unique needs that will help them integrate in to a functioning family unit. Children and families need to be adequately prepared for such a life-changing situation.

We work from day one to teach children what it means to be a part of a family, roles, and responsibilities. Our children learn life skills and under go therapy that will ease their transition in to a new family. Our goal is to also provide pre and post adoptive support to families as their child transitions and grows in to their new family environment. Post adoption support is as critical as pre-adoption support for both child and family! Often times families feel overwhelmed and alone as they struggle day to day to understand, adapt, and overcome the challenges that parenting an adopted child can bring. In the same way, children feel frightened, confused, and torn between a lot of different emotions. So, they react to this new environment and not always in a positive way. Many times their survival instincts kick in and this can cause a great deal of stress to the child and the family. We are adoption advocates, but we believe there is a great deal that still can be done to ensure successful adoptions for both child and family … we use whatever resources we can to make that happen, and prepare families and children for a healthy transitionrestoringbrokenfamiliesWe work closely with the birth parents of the children when we are able. We receive children from a variety of circumstances. Whether they are victims of abuse, neglect, alcoholism or drug addictions, and many other circumstances, we try our very best to provide resources and help to mend broken families. If the family is willing to cooperate we often will work with the family to provide counseling, therapy, and drug/alcohol intervention in order to restore the entire family unit.

God’s intention for the family unit is to be healthy and strong. Families are the backbone of society. Broken families create broken children. Broken children that never heal go from becoming victims to perpetrators. The cycle continues. In the long run, we build more orphanages to take care of more broken children. There has to be a solution to stop the cycle.

Our team works with birth families in order to restore the family unit and when it is possible, children are restored to a loving and safe home. Our involvement in their lives continues far after children are returned to their families. We want to ensure children remain in a safe environment and that families are growing and thriving in love, patience, and appropriate discipline.

We continue monitoring and working with families for as long as we possibly can.safehousestrafficked

Separate homes serve as our MERCY safe houses for children who have been recovered from sex-trafficking. These houses are kept confidential and secret as to protect the integrity, safety, and welfare of those who find safety, refuge, and restoration in our care.

Human Trafficking has become an international crisis. This $32 billion a year exploitation of children is not only happening on third world soil. Nearly 2 million victims of human trafficking (all ages) are in the United States. More than 300,000 young girls under the age of 18 are lured in the sex industry each year in the U.S.

Average victims are ages 11 to 14 years old. The average life span of a victim is 3 to 7 years. These victims are usually found dead from attacks, malnutrition, overdoses, suicide, HIV or other STD’s. Traffickers target younger girls and boys to be exploited sexually because they can get more money, especially for virgins. They look for at-risk children who have run away, been abandoned, or are homeless. However, in many third world countries families living in abject poverty will sell their children in to the sex market for money, land, or food.

So, how do we fix the problem. We target families and street children to reduce the risk of children being sold or kidnapped from the streets. Then, we must restore. The lives of these children have been absolutely destroyed. They have been traumatized in ways that you cannot fathom. Their healing process is intense. They suffer with many emotional, mental and physical complications that require extensive treatments and therapy. But, there is HOPE!

We are dedicated to providing not only a safe home for victims, but every resource for their lives to be redeemed. God redeems. His mercy extends to every hurting child that has been victimized by such horror.laborersvolunteers

Our Children’s Homes are operated by compassionate volunteers from around the world as well as a local staff of professionals who have made it their mission to love and care for the children like a member of their own family. We focus on creating a home-like atmosphere where children can learn how a family should live and grow in grace and love and to prepare them for their future.

Children receive all the therapy and counseling they need to heal from their wounds. At the heart and center of our efforts is to teach the love, grace, and mercy that Jesus has towards each of us.needyou

Your generous support helps us meet the basic necessities of the children, but our care is holistic and meets every aspect of the child’s development. Our mission and our passion goes beyond just basic care. We are dedicated to the transformation process so that every child may live and thrive abundantly! Your giving makes it happen!