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The push to redefine pedophilia

The key phrases in her message –
“Pedophilia is a sexual orientation.”
“Pedophiles are born that way.”
“We must change our negative feelings toward pedophiles.”

Yes, they need help. Yes, they need therapy. No, this is not a sexual orientation. No, you are not born a pedophile. No, we must not change our negative feelings toward pedophilia. It’s a perverse sin and mental disorder. Although her message stays clear from saying that pedophiles should have the freedom to act, my disgust is that there has been a serious effort over the past 10 years to redefine pedophilia and soften the image, like she’s trying to do in her message. I hope you’re paying attention and I hope you don’t brush this under the rug and think this ideology is limited to a few nut jobs, because it’s not. There’s a trend. We must not be complacent.  #protectchildren (Watch the video from the link below.)

TEDx speaker says, ‘pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation’

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Karissa Washburn
administratorKarissa is co-founder of Bless An Orphan International. She is living our her lifelong passion of rescuing children from neglect and abuse. She and her husband Marshall live with their three children in Cuenca, Ecuador.