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We are now dealing with an increased number of child pregnancies. The desperation of these girls and the enormity of the problem cannot be ignored. We must find a solution!


girl_cryinWhether victims of rape, abuse, sex trafficking or poor choices there is a countless number of young pregnant girls who are alone,  in danger, disowned, or homeless. In desperation they often make a choice to end the life of their child.

We have worked with pregnant girls as young as 12 years old. The younger girls are typically the product of rape or incest. Just babies themselves, these little girls have no idea how to cope with the harsh reality of being pregnant at such a young age. They don’t have the support they need or the resources to care for a baby. So, they often take measures in to their own hands to “fix” their problem, often resulting in injury to themselves or their unborn baby. But, there is HOPE.pregnancyhomes
Bless An Orphan’s HOPE Safe Houses provide a home for young pregnant girls or young girls redeemed from human trafficking, who have no other place to turn. These girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking, abuse, abandonment, or who are orphans themselves, find safety, refuge, support, love, and direction in our HOPE Safe Houses.  Our team of counselors and volunteers help to create an individual plan to help completely transform her life to create a better future for mother and baby.  We invest in their future through educational plans, family and relationship counseling, and most importantly guiding them to the love, mercy, and grace of Jesus Christ.

The HOPE Safe Houses also provide support, therapy, and resources for girls who chose the loving option of adoption for their baby.  Hope Safe Houses are save and transform lives!medicaltruckhope_truckThe HOPE Pregnancy Crisis and Mobile Medical Clinic provides young girls and women the ability to access support without fear or discrimination. The mobile unit has the ability to go where there is a need. It gives us the freedom to reach and save more lives. The HOPE mobile clinic provides:


Because the unit also serves as a medical clinic, we are also able to provide medical services to street children, homeless individuals and families, as well as the elderly and disabled who do not have access to proper medical care. This type of medical mission is a perfect opportunity to share the love, mercy, and grace of Jesus Christ with those who are in dire need of

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