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m&kFounders, Marshall and Karissa Washburn are driven by a love , passion and dedication to rescue orphaned, abandoned, abused and trafficked children.  They have travelled all over the world sharing the love of Christ and fighting for justice and a better life for the most destitute and neglected children.

Married in 2003, Marshall and Karissa immediately pursued their calling to adopt children and began their life-long commitment of rescuing children.  They were blessed with the honor to become parents to Kiarra, Blake and Grant from Russia and Ukraine.  Since then, they have become “Papa Marshall and Mama Karissa” to a countless number of children in need.

Marshall and Karissa realized a great need to educate, advocate, and prepare families and children for the possibility of adoption. Not every child will find a forever family, but every child should be afforded the ability to heal, grow, and be prepared to live abundantly on their own. The Washburn’s have developed programs that will equip these children to become future leaders and enter society better equipped so that another child doesn’t have to become another statistic.

The family lives full-time with boots on the ground in South America and serves at their international headquarters in Cuenca, Ecuador.



If you would like to book Marshall and Karissa to speak at your church, school or event, please contact for more details.