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Jesus loves His children

I have a million and one things to be thankful for, don’t you? I am so very, very thankful that Jesus loves me. Where would I be without His love? His love has brought me through the most difficult times of my life, embraced me when I have felt overwhelmed, saved me from my own destruction, touched me when I felt alone, and reminds me every day that I have purpose, value, and worth.

Take a moment and listen to Priscilla Fiskeaux (our Int’l Project Coordinator) and her sisters, Hannah Fiskeaux and Faith Morales lead worship during Priscilla’s most recent visit to the US. Amazing talent!

As you go about your busy day preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow, be reminded that Jesus’ love for you covers it all. ~ Karissa


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Karissa Washburn
administratorKarissa is co-founder of Bless An Orphan International. She is living our her lifelong passion of rescuing children from neglect and abuse. She and her husband Marshall live with their three children in Cuenca, Ecuador.